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iSense Sleep Technologies


World Market Center - Building A / Suite 938


Interior Tenant Improvement / Showroom

Approx Size:

2,000 SF

Completed January 2019 - Winter Market


The design concept was to create a showroom that challenged the typical mattress buying experience. The new space design was to immerse the customer in the experience they would get walking into a traditional retail store found in “Downtown Middle America”. This concept was captured by splitting the showroom into two primary spaces, the park or streetscape and the actual store.


Upon arriving at the showroom the customer enters through a park area featuring the iSense Sleep façade, a functioning bar, café and multiple false storefronts. Each storefront is unique in design and is expressed with the use of different material selections. The storefronts are complimented by an assortment of greenery ranging from small plants and shrubs to 10’-0” tall trees set on a base of synthetic grass. These subtle features were designed to heighten the senses and pique the interest of the customer for the true experience yet to come when they enter the iSense Sleep storefront.


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