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This project consists of a 3,390 SF Phase I Administration Building and a 4,780 SF Phase II Hospice Center located on a 1.2 acre site on the west side of Pahrump, NV. The entire project will be built from public and private donations and fund-raising efforts.

The Administration Building includes a large conference / training room, admin offices, secure medical records storage and support spaces which will replace the existing outdated office facilities currently in use.

The Hospice Center includes four private hospice suites, family lobby, dining room, small commercial kitchen, reception and medical storage, visiting doctor's office, a small chapel, laundry and support spaces. This will be the first hospice facility in Pahrump.

The project is designed to withstand the desert climate, primarily utilizing integrally colored CMU that requires little maintenance over time, limited fenestration and maximum insulation to protect against excessive heat gain.



Pahrump, Nevada



Approx Size:

8,170 SF

Design Only


Pahrump Hospice

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